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Um. Um, okay. So we do this sometimes in other games I'm in, and sometimes it works better than OOC notes at the bottom of comments. So if you want, comment here and I'll tell you how Tomo views your muse, what he thinks of his relationship with your muse, ect. :) I'll keep this at the top so you can comment when things change over time. ^^

<3 tilly.
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daydreamer boy

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Home~ Dad was a jackass, but that was to be expected. And Rina was... weird. >> She's modeling. She's, she can't model yet, she's so little. Damn. Mama was... Mama, so everything was normal, I guess. Just hung out in my room [filtered from the administration] and got too drunk to believe, god, Jin [/filter] and did homework. God, I'm boring. ):

[filtered to Ryo]
Hi. ♥

Are you back yet? I want to talk to you.
some kind of innocence

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See you Monday, everyone~

[filtered to Ryo]
I said it this morning, but, um, bye.

Love you. Miss you already.

I'm also kind of going to tell Mama. Not about the marriage part. Because she would kill me. (: But about you and me? Is that okay? x:
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just a bit crazy ; kill you kiss you

january 7

[filtered to Akanishi]
What the fuck was that? You come
I ha 
I lo
 I'm sor

Ne, everyone, I'm home~ Did you miss me? :3 I hope you did. I bought you all presents. Well, most of you. :P If you're in Drama, look under your doors. I hope you all enjoy them, they cost me a fortune. Well, not exactly, but you understand. (: They were from this really nice candy store, I can't believe we only spent two hours there. o: It was so nice, and smelled good, and so much chocolate.

Classes are hell okay. I missed it, I guess. I don't know why, I guess I missed seeing you all and talking to you all and. Uh. x: Um, everyone, it's a new school year, so try your best, really. [: I'm sure you can all make it. And I'm going to fail English. >__> Fumi, I'm sorry, find it in your heart to forgive me someday? x:

I... want to go see a movie. Or go out, or leave, or, damnit, I want to leave this town for a while. Just a day. That'd be nice. I know, I know, we just got back, and I just said I missed it, but I've got an itch to do something different. Ryo, baby, you up for anything? :P Well, anyone, really. I haven't seen you guys in so long, don't make me a hermit. You all love me too much for that, right? ;)

[filtered to Ryo]
Distract me. Please.

I gotta run. Dinner and all that. Ja. <3

Fuck this.

((See Tomo, see Tomo deny any real human emotion. (: PsychoPi's here, but, um, not so... outright crazy. Expect obsessive cheerfulness and a general disregard for his personal health, his life, ect. & strikes = deleted, so no message to Jin. >> Also, he bought everyone a bundle of candycanes, because he's cool like that. (:))

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Uh, uh, I did that thing a few months ago, where you could comment and I'd tell you what Tomo thinks of your muse  atm, and it's nice and we do it in my other games and such, and, uh, yeah. See here for a slightly more coherent explanation.

But, um, yes. Any takers? :3 ... *hides*

<3 tilly
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january 2; 2:22 AM

City lights look nicer at night. And have you ever noticed how the view from hotel windows, doesn't it look better? Just a bit? Like a goddamn postcard picture. I love that, what it looks like right now. It's up and humming and has that energy- I'm removed from it, but I can still feel it. I can still notice it. I'm restless, and damnit, it feels good.

I love the city at night.

But it's so lonely.

I'm trying to be really quiet so I don't wake him up. I've just got a small light on, and I can barely see the screen. Hmm. We're only going to be here 4 more days. I think. Probably. I should... find out. >__> There's so much I want to do, na, but we have such little time left. I hate the way I only remember everything I wanted to get done at times like this, 2:30 in the morning when I can't do anything about it. And I won't remember in the morning. And. Hmm.

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Ne, everyone, I got you all presents. They're nice, I think. I like them. I hope you do. (: I don't have much money, but I tried to get things you would all like. ^^ I'll give them back when I get home, okay? (: I hope you're all having good breaks. Try not to do anything rash.

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I feel like getting coffee. But it's so dark outside. Hmm. Do you think I'll get shot if I try to go to the coffeehouse across the street? x:

Collapse )

((Uhh so I had this list of all the presents he got people and it was professional and shiny and all that good stuff, and all the presents were witty and clever and meaningful and great. And then I lost it. :D So... Um. Next entry I'll try to remember all the stuff they got, ne. *fails!*))

december 22

The, the, the hotel.

It has pink sheets.

(: (: (: (:

Greece is cold, though. And Ryo keeps hogging the covers. And Rina wants me to bring her back Ares and I've been looking but I can't find him anywhere. ): (And I would tell her that he's a figure from mythology but then sister would be sad and I don't want that. So I'll bring her back Ares, dammit.) And I don't understand anyone. And my feet are cold.

But, but the hotel sheets are pink~ And Nino-senpai's nice, so is Ohno. (: Thank you both for letting me come.

*happy* Everyone, have a good break, ne? (:

Ahh, I forgot to ask you all before we left. Is there anything you want me to pick you up here?

((OOC: Sorry, the muse is being spazzy. >__> And Tomo... has not bought Christmas presents. Because he is fail. (: So if you want your muse to be getting anything, say so now.))

december 9

Everyone, that was amazing. Really, thank you all so much for all your hard work. I'm so proud and I'm so happy and. :) You outshone the world. This was the best play we've ever put on, I swear. <3 You should all be proud.

[filtered to Fumi]

[filtered to Nino & Ryo]
Thank you for letting me come. ♥

My coat has holes in it. ): It's my favorite coat, and fa;lzbs my scarf. D: D: D: I just found it behind a chair, and it's torn. It's unraveling. Dammit, I don't have any money to get a new one. (See, Jin?) I'm going to freeze to death. ;; I bet you'll all laugh. My clothes are all falling apart. *angst!*

ALSO. Last night I heard a funny noise. Like a cat growling at a chipmunk. (A really big cat. And a really fuzzy chipmunk. With teeth.) I have come to the conclusion that there are monsters in Osaka High. .___.



(Can anyone tell me about Meiji's transfer programs? Specifically to Greece?)

((OOC: He is subtle. .__. Uh, btw, Tomo doesn't have broken legs anymore. Pedodoctor was really stupid and mistook really bad bruising for a break. ... Yes. Because Tomo looked at four months to heal and screamed at me for half an hour. So now they just really hurt to walk on. He's abandoning the wheelchair soon for crutches, and soon he'll be up and ready to kick people in the face like normal. (:))